Title II

Student Success

Yeled v’Yalda Title II, Part A program is designed, among other things, to provide students from low-income families and minority students with greater access to effective educators. High-quality teaching and learning require a diverse cohort of educators, including teachers, principals, and other school leaders, to be prepared and supported to meet the many challenging demands that they and their students face. Great teachers, principals, and other school leaders (collectively, educators) matter enormously to the learning and the lives of children. The goal of Yeled v’Yalda Title II services is to increase student achievement consistent with NYS academic standards by improving the quality and effectiveness of teachers, principals, and other school leaders. Yeled v’Yalda’s decades of proven success has greatly increased the number of teachers, principals and other school leaders who are effective in improving student academic achievement.


The challenges of the teaching profession have altered significantly over the past few decades. Yeled v’Yalda TITLE II program is focused on preparing, training of high-quality teachers, principals, or other school leaders.  Yeled v’Yalda Title II services support communities we service through enhancements and trainings designed to secure high quality educators in local schools. Today’s teachers must deliver high-quality content aligned to more rigorous academic standards, provide instruction that responds to an increasingly diverse student population, and constantly integrate new technology into their lessons. The teacher preparation experience must equip teachers to meet these demands. At Yeled v’Yalda we are working together with schools, using funds provided through Title II of ESSA, to ensure that new teachers are prepared to lead a classroom of their own. Through such partnerships, new teachers receive hands-on learning. Our mentorship programs are evidence-based and designed to improve classroom instruction and multiple pathways to teaching enhanced by meaningful ongoing evaluation and strong curriculum supports.